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What Readers are Saying . . .

“The best Bible study I’ve ever done...”

“The whole Bible makes more sense….  Most enlightening experience since my 1972 conversion…”

“I fell more in love with my Lord and Savior on every page...”

“Dr. Warren Gage and Christopher Barber have a way of expounding truth that causes you to shake your head in wonder and excitement, asking, ‘Why haven’t I heard this preached before?’ The heart of God is on each page and drips with wisdom, love and humility.”

“Working through Joseph and Judah is like sitting in a comfortable armchair, Bible in hand, and chatting with the authors. With the ease of a journalist and the depth of a theologian, Barber and Gage bring classical theology to the lay student, letting application arise naturally from the text. It is impossible to come away from this study without a rich and deepening understanding of God’s wise and good providence, and without an appreciation of the literary beauty of the Bible.”

 “Joseph and Judah is a valuable tool in learning to examine the Bible artistically and organizationally. It opened my eyes to the amazing architecture and artistry God uses in presenting His Word.”