Purchase NowIn Volume 1 of the Masterpiece Study Series, you will take a fresh look at Genesis 37-50 and find the answers to these challenging questions. But there is much beneath the familiar details of Joseph's life that you may have never seen. You will rediscover one of the most beautiful compositions in the Bible, if not all of literature, and will be changed as you gain a new understanding of God's redemptive love and sovereign plan for your life. (You also will learn why we included Joseph's brother Judah in the title of this book.


What is the Masterpiece Study Series

According to the Psalms, we are to "delight" in the Word of God. Is that your experience? Do you have a sense of joy and anticipation when you open the Bible? Does your study leave you awestruck by the artistry and beauty of the Scripture?

For most of us, the answer is "no." Instead, we study the Bible because it is one of the "spiritual disciplines," which implies that we don't always want to but know we should. Our study times often are dry and routine. Why?

Perhaps there is something lacking in the way we read the Bible. Most of us have been taught an inductive approach to Bible study, focusing more on the parts than the whole. While inductive study is valuable, there is still much more.

The Masterpiece Study Series will teach you to see the Scripture with new eyes, revealing the majesty and beauty of the Word of God. Each volume is adaptable for individual or group study. Using the latest insights from the original language text, we will examine the Bible like a great work of art, created by God Himself. Your hunger for God’s Word will be renewed as you gain a greater understanding of this masterpiece, and a deeper experience of the redeeming love of the Master Artist.

Ultimately, we hope to present at least 10 volumes in the entire Series. Future volumes will examine the lives of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Moses, Joshua and David, and the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke-Acts, and John-Revelation.