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Review by Dr. Michael A.G. Haykin, The Gospel Witness (March 2006)

As the authors of this study guide point out, it is noteworthy that the account of Joseph in the book of Genesis (Genesis 37-50) occupies at least seven more times space than the account of creation (Genesis 1-2). Of course, this does not diminish the importance of Genesis 1-2—which are alluded to again and again in the Scriptures and are utterly foundational to knowing the worldview of the Bible. But it does cause one to realize that the Joseph narrative must be accorded a tremendously important place in any study of God’s book of origins, Genesis (8-9).

Unlike many study guides of this portion of Genesis which major on moralistic themes that are only loosely tied to the purpose of the story of Joseph, this study helps the student of this wonderful account understand the structure of the Joseph narrative and its key themes, and how these apply to today. Undergirding their study is a rich sense of the typological framework of the Scriptures and the intertextual linkages of the Bible that are so key to its understanding. The final chapter (145-152), for instance, develops the typology of Christ in the Joseph account in a responsible manner that is firmly rooted in the text of Scripture.

The authors plan at least nine other volumes in their fresh and highly illuminating study of the Scriptures. Hopefully this introductory volume will whet the appetite for more.

          - Dr. Michael A.G. Haykin, The Gospel Witness (March 2006)